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cinematographer using 35mm film ARRIflex camera


My journey in cinema started when I graduated from Toronto Film School in 2012. I've been working as a freelance cinematographer/DP ever since across the globe - US, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Germany

My narrative work had been recognised by award-winning directors and showcased by streaming platforms & numerous film festivals around the world, including Sitges Film Festival, Amsterdam Film Festival, Kinotavr Film Festival, Barcelona International Film Festival and many more.

My commercial clients include Adidas, National Geographic, Tretyakov’s Gallery, Gillette, FOX, Nissan and S7 Airlines.

I pride myself in my enthusiastic nature, ability to accomplish objectives and my ambition to always improve productivity and image quality when working in the camera department.

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  • making it look good one frame at a time

  • single-take Movi and Steadicam pirouettes

  • hanging out of windows as well as moving cars, planes & helicopters

  • "lighting the hell out that scene." (References available upon request.)

  • working in scorching heat, freezing cold and with a sprained ankle.

Full list of skills and accomplishments is listed in my Résumé.

Résumé is available upon request 

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